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Rehearsal Tapes

Okay, so here's the thing - we're a LIVE BAND. We don't spend time in the studio creating sonic trophies. When we have time to rehearse, we prefer to use that time learning new songs. We do, however, record those first practice sessions with the new songs so that we can "remember" subtle things that we work out during rehearsal - beginnings, endings, harmonies, solos, structure and so on.


Here is a sample of our "practice" tapes, which we reluctantly put up for your review. Why reluctantly? Well, because these represent the VERY FIRST TIME we ever played these songs together - it's like a "Worst Of" compilation!!! So here you go - warts and all... and excuse us if you hear any obscenities being thrown around between band members!

Soul Man

That's How Strong My Love Is

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out

Take Me To The River

The Letter

Take It Easy

Ruby Tuesday


No Time

Pump It Up

Got To Get You Into My Life

I'm A Believer

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